In recent times, there has been a lot of complications with the ozone layer as a result of our excessive usage of PMS generated power. The emission of these gases (carbon, etc.) we burn into the atmosphere worsens our chances for betterment. It creates a lot of health hazards too.

Solar energy is our best and safest alternative. It is one of the energy sources that isn’t owned yet – nobody owns the sun. We should capitalize on this opportunity to accept one of the sources of clean energy.

A6GNLBaM is a movement created to curb the high usage of diesel and fuel-generated power in our society. The essence of this movement is not limited to the provision of up to 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply. It is also aimed at helping schools cut down on the overhead cost spent on electricity budget and inculcating vast tech knowledge into the younger generation.

We are moving one panel at a time. Think A6GNL, think clean energy.

Author: Ogochukwu Ibekwe