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Being wrongly criticized to be too expensive and probably inefficient, solar energy is one of the best life-time investments anyone could make. This clean energy source has proved beyond reasonable doubts to be beneficial to the private economy and is also very safe for the environment.

Solar energy is fast becoming the major source of energy for homes and businesses. This ground-breaking technology has been seeing several improvements in the last few years thereby making it one of the best sources of clean energy.

Sometimes we don’t know what we are missing until it arrives. Below are some of the reasons why you need to go solar as soon as possible:

  1. Solar Energy is Renewable: The fact that solar energy is renewable is the most important reason why you should go solar. The sun will always rise and set every day. Therefore, sunlight is readily available and can be harnessed from any part of the world.  Unlike other sources of energy, the world can never run out of solar energy.
  1. Alleviate or Completely Eliminate Electricity Bills: If you have so many devices or power-hungry appliances in your home or office, you will understand how easy it is for electricity bills to drain your pocket or bank account. But with a solar energy system, you can reduce the amount of electricity from the grid that you consume, or choose to leave the grid completely. Either way, your bills are reduced.
  1. Solar Energy can be used for Diverse Applications: The flexibility of solar energy use cannot be overemphasized. It can be used to generate electricity (photovoltaics) or heat (solar thermal) for various purposes. Some satellites in space are even powered by solar energy. Electric car companies now integrate photovoltaic cells into the body parts of electric cars. It will interest you to know that transparent solar energy windows have been introduced. The application of solar energy is limitless!
  1. Solar Energy Requires Zero or Little Maintenance Cost: Unlike your conventional electricity generator, solar energy systems require little or no maintenance. You only need to keep them clean. An average solar panel offers 20-25 years warranty. The inverter may need to be changed after 5-10 years since it is always working to convert solar energy into electricity. Therefore, after the initial cost of buying and installing the system, very little is required for maintenance.
  1. Technological Innovations: Solar energy technology is still very young and developing very fast. New improvements are being incorporated at a geometrical progression. In the nearest future, innovations in nanotechnology and quantum physics could open doors to fascinating possibilities that will make solar energy systems run more efficiently than it does presently.

These are a few reasons why you should go solar now. The benefits are just too good to ignore. You deserve better than an epileptic power supply. Your business could do better if a very durable and clean energy source is present. That’s why at A6GNL™, we are dedicated to providing all it takes to supply you uninterrupted power supply. 

We have a movement, christened, #A6GNLBaM, created to curb the high usage of diesel and fuel-generated power in our society. The essence of this movement is not limited to the provision uninterrupted power supply, but it is also aimed at helping schools cut down on the overhead cost spent on electricity budget and inculcating vast tech knowledge into the younger generation.

We are moving one panel at a time. Think A6GNL™, think clean energy.

Author: Emmanuel Oyibo