You will agree with me that the recent #EndSARS protest unravelled so many possibilities a lot of Nigerians didn’t know to exist. Like the possibility of Nigerian youths coming together to speak in one voice irrespective of religious background and ethnicity, raising funds to cater for protesters, and so much more. In this article, we are more interested in how drones were used to capture photos and videos during the protest.

The Lekki tollgate was a hive of activity and featured so many interesting scenes. With the aid of drones, so many fascinating as well as gory pictures and videos were captured. The bird-like technology served as a carriage for hi-def cameras, flown hundreds of feet up in the sky, which facilitated coverage of a large area of ground. Feeds were obtained remotely in real-time.

This goes a long way to illustrate how efficient CCTV remote view could be. You don’t have to be there to get photo or video feeds. One could keep an eye on his/her home or property and even cover an event from anywhere around the world, thanks to the internet.

The internet has made life easier and a lot of things that were thought to be impossible over 20 years ago are now seeing the light of fruition. Every home, business place and the office deserve smart security systems. The security of your life and property should not be placed entirely in the hands of law enforcement agencies.

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Author: Emmanuel Oyibo