You Need all the Convenience, Comfort, and Peace of Mind you Can Get, Don’t You?

For someone who may be oblivious, we currently live in the golden age of technology. The world has evolved from depending on telephones with bulky cords to minute computer devices in our pockets, for communication.

You would be right if you say smartphones were one of the major developments in technology during the 2000s, but the development of smart homes marked a huge leap during the 2010s.

So, what is smart home automation?

Smart home automation entails any arrangement of appliances, systems or devices that are linked to a single network (especially the internet) that can be controlled autonomously and remotely. Your home automation can be called a “connected home” when all the devices work together with a single system. For instance, your CCTV system, lights, audio speakers, TVs, etc. could all be linked to a single system which could be controlled from your PC or smartphone.

With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, Internet of things (IoT) and other latest technological advancements, unlimited possibilities are open to making life on earth easier and pleasurable.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing smart home automation:

1. Easily manage all appliances from one point: Are you looking for convenience? This is it! The ability to manage and control all your appliances or devices from one point (sometimes remotely) is one of the biggest benefits of smart home automation.

In most cases, all you need to do is to learn how to use an app on your smartphone or PC, and you will be able to tap into numerous devices and functions across your home.

2. Flexibility: The ability to accommodate new devices and other latest technology speaks volume about the flexibility of smart home automation. New and more impressive devices and appliances will always be developed as technology improves.

The smart home technology makes it easier to integrate this new technology to your home automation system, thereby making work easier as a homeowner and this will also enable you to upgrade to latest technologies seamlessly.

3. Top-notch home security: If you are looking for one of the best and reliable security solutions possible, opting for smart home automation is highly recommended.

You could beef-up your home security by connecting motion detectors, automated door locks, security cameras and other cutting-edge gadgets, that could be activated or deactivated anytime you want. You could also get security alerts or monitor activities in your home real-time, whether you are available or somewhere else in the world.

4. Remote control: Being able to control your home appliances half-way across the globe, is one of the biggest advantages of smart home automation.

Imagine returning from work on a very hot day and being able to turn your home cooling system on, even while stuck in the traffic. Sounds great, right?

Now take it a step further by being able to preheat your oven while picking up stuff at the supermarket. These and many more are possible with smart home automation.

5. Provides home management insights: The use of smart home automation offers insights into how you are managing your home and provides a basis for possible improvements and better management. For example, you could track your TV habits, the kind of foods you prepare with your oven, the nature of fruits or vegetables in your refrigerator, the amount of power you consume daily, etc.

These insights could help you analyse your habits and behaviours to make improvements and adjustments where necessary, to live the best life possible.

By now you should be aware of the exciting possibilities smart home automation has to offer. You can always reach out to us if you are interested in equipping your home with this intriguing technology. At A6GNL™, creating perfection is our business. Reach out to us today!

Author: Emmanuel Oyibo